PayDayPro has the solutions to answer complicated ACA questions with ease…
and handle all of your reporting requirements.


ACA Enterprise Dashboard

If you are an ALE, now is the time to document ACA strategy, track employee hours and create the documentation necessary to avoid costly penalties. In-house solutions and typical payroll reporting cannot fully address the evolving complexity of the ACA. With PayDayPro's ACA's solution, our clients are armed with the best tool available for ACA compliance.  



  • Minimizes ACA compliance risk of “Pay or Play Tax”
  • Generates required ACA reporting and documentation
  • Alerts to compliance requirements
  • Takes over where payroll reporting stops
  • Track variable hour employees
  • Dashboard style ACA compliance monitor
  • Ongoing updates


ACA Reporting Essentials

There is a costly compliance risk with not reporting or not reporting accurately. ACA reporting is complicated. Every employer with 50 or more full-time equivalents must report in 2017 based upon activities in 2016 or face fines. PayDayPro's SyncStream Solution has leveraged its vast ACA experience to deliver ACA Reporting Essentials. It is a cloud based solution designed to aggregate employer plan and coverage information to populate the IRS ACA tax reports.


  • Consolidating information related to offers of coverage, employees, etc. for IRS reporting.
  • Plan and coverage information can be managed in the solution as well as populated through integration with benefits administration system or uploaded into the solution.
  • Documenting types of coverages offered.
  • Generating the associated reporting codes based upon the health plan information.
  • Populating the C series reports and the employee statements.
  • Providing a signature ready IRS report.
  • E-filing 


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